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About Deborah

Meet the face

behind the posts

I am a twin living in beautiful Chicago! I am also a very loving cat mamma of two who is completely obsessed with Starbucks tumblers.... I mean we all have some strange obsession right?!!!


I was diagnosed with OCD at 20 years old and rather than hide behind it, I am a proud mental health advocate in hopes to help others.


I love sharing my stories with the world. And when I was approached about the opportunity Monat offers, I joined simply for the extra income, I actually didn't even try the products until I received my product pack! But what can I say? I might be a little product obsessed too!

I appreciate you taking the time to visit my space and learn more about me and what I have to offer you. I would love to connect, you can hit that chat button at the bottom of your screen or reach out over Instagram.

xo - Deb

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